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March is Rotary Literacy Month. 

KNK Rotary has contributed for several years to a wonderful literacy project in Asia.  

Do you have any ideas for how we might enhance literacy here at home?  Bring them to our Community Service Committee and let us discuss them.

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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Kingston-North Kitsap.

Welcome to our Club!

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submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter

Meet Maeve Boon and Brennan Jacobson, seniors at Kingston High School.  They get up early, way before most of their high school mates to attend meetings twice weekly.  What motivates them?  Donuts.  Donuts are a big draw, but once there, it’s the food drives and other community activities that motivate Maeve and Brennan to contribute as many as ten to fifteen hours each month to their community.  They do so as members of the high school’s Interact Club, sponsored by Kingston North Kitsap Rotary.  The KHS Interact Club has almost 40 members this school year, and is one of the largest clubs at the school.  The club’s purpose is to help get high school students involved in their community and support other local non-profit groups.  The club conducts a multitude of activities during the year, including trail maintenance, food drives, hygiene drives, helping out at Rotary events, and fundraisers to help other groups.  Most of the ideas for projects are brought to the club by students who see something they want to change in their community.  Maeve said “I chose to join Interact Club because I wanted to find a way to reach out and help my community.”  Her favorite part about Interact Club is the food drives, noting “it is awesome to watch the food pile up, but nothing compares to seeing all the food we collect as a club at the end of the drive.  Dropping it off at the food bank is an amazing experience, feeling like I participated in something that will help a widespread amount of people is amazing.”  Brennan, who is co-president of the club said he’s involved “because my freshman year a couple of my friends encouraged me to join.  I really enjoyed being a part of the club and have stayed on ever since.”  He claims his favorite part about the group is how members are willing to tackle any issue.  “No matter how large or time-consuming a project might be there are always students ready to lend a hand.”

There are all kinds of students in Interact, with participants in all four grades, according to Brennan.  But according to Mark Baze, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club Interact advisor, “these kids are the cream of the crop, high achievers.” He says “Interact Club members are much more together, more mature, than I ever was.”  Mark’s role is to facilitate what club members want to do. One of their efforts that impressed him was a Halloween project last fall - Ghost Train - in Port Orchard, for the enjoyment of grade school students.  He says “the real value of Interact is not just what members are bringing in and contributing.  It’s that they are learning how to reach out, make connections in the community.”

While food drives are part of their activities, as noted earlier, food drives the club.  Asked what would surprise people about the club, Maeve responded, “the massive role donuts play.  It’s such a nice way to keep everyone motivated and alert at early morning meetings.”  The club meets twice weekly.  Brennan, the co-president, said “I want people in the community to know that Interact wants to make sure Kingston is a great place to live for everyone.”  Who could argue that?



submitted by Naomi Maasberg
This is Part 1 of a 3-part Restoration Project here at Stillwaters that is being accomplished by Interact Club members and a few Rotarians. This phase of the project was done on March 5th.
The ‘captain’ of the project is Fredrick Branchflower, who seems to have evaded my camera on this day. His friend, Bill Kiley, is the architect & head contractor for the woodshed part of the project; you can see him at the saw.
Interacters Jane Hermanson, Victor Hanson, and Aidan Bowers joined their advisor, Mark Baze, to help out for this first step in constructing a woodshed. In a couple hours, they cleared the area of debris and brush, leveled the ground, built a base and filled it with sand, and cut most of the lumber for the shed.
In Part 2, Bill, Fredrick and a few Interact members will assemble the woodshed. Part 3 is the biggest step, when a group of Interacters and Rotarians will stack the wood from the 15 trees that fell last Fall, and restore the ½ acre of woods with native trees and understory, before the area is overcome with blackberries or Scots’ broom.
This has been a fun project for a group to take on, and something both Interact and Rotary can take pride in seeing accomplished. We at Stillwaters are quite grateful to have a hard-working, dedicated, and skilled group like this as a resource!
submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter

Local Rotarian Bill Maule has travel plans.  He’s heading to Atlanta in June for Rotary’s 108th Annual International Convention.  Few institutions, civic or otherwise, have survived 108 years.  Rotary has.  And for good reason.  Rotary brings together a global network of volunteers dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges.  Rotary connects 1.2 million members of more than 35,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries.  Their work improves lives here in Kingston North Kitsap, across America, and internationally. 

In Atlanta, the keynote speaker will be Bill Gates, co-chair, of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The Gates Foundation and Rotary International have an ongoing match of 2:1 to support polio eradication efforts up to $35 million a year.  The Global Polio Eradication Initiative, a public-private partnership includes Rotary, the Gates Foundation, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund.  The incidence of polio has plummeted by more than 99.9 percent, from about 350,000 cases a year in 1988 to just 37 confirmed in 2016.  Rotary, including matching funds from the Gates Foundation, has donated $1.6 billion to polio eradication. 

submitted by Ron Carter
It wasn’t a chicken dinner John Loftus won.  It was two nights at a Bed & Breakfast in Fairbanks, Alaska, including roundtrip airfare.  Loftus, a Kingston resident, emerged the winner of Kingston North Kitsap Rotary’s Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament, Saturday, Feb.25, in Kingston.  Almost $2,000 was raised in this first-ever community event, staged by Rotarians in support of their community projects.  According to Clint Boxman, one of the event organizers, “the event turned out to be more about fellowship than fundraising; it was a lot more fun than anticipated.”  The professionals who ran the tournament also commented on the fun atmosphere. Loftus said, “on short notice Kingston Rotary was able to put together a poker tournament that was fun for all involved and well attended.  Lots of money was raised for good causes, and I think it bodes well for their next attempt.” As a side benefit, leftover (unopened) food and beverages were donated to the Severe Weather Shelter in Kingston and the Boys and Girls Club snack reserves.
submitted by Ron Carter

Calling All Golfers/Save the Date

            Friday, June 16, 2017.  That’s the date to save for this year’s 11th Annual Swing for Rotary Golf Classic at White Horse Golf Club.  You want to do good in our community?  Save the date.  You want to have fun with friends?  Save the date.  You want to play golf and enjoy a fabulous dinner at White Horse?  Save the date.  This is a terrific tournament.  As White Horse pro Bruce Christy said before last year’s 10th year celebration, “most of these don’t last more than three or four years.  That this one is marking ten years is testimony to it’s quality and value to our community.”

            Your $150 entry fee includes lunch, dinner, and golf, including cart rental, range balls, Mulligans, and tee gifts.  Put a team together - it is a scramble format in teams of four players.  It would be a great way to introduce family and friends to our very special community.  And to have fun and do good, too. 

            For more information - or to register now - go to:  Or to get answers to your questions call 360-286-5178.  Do it now!



submitted by Bill Maule
 Now, just who is this Doug guy?  You know, Doug Hallock?  Well,  I can tell you a few things  -  some of them Doug might even confess to himself.  This former Boy Scouts of America Executive, now confines his scouting to finding  houses and clients.  We know him, of course, for his activities in Rotary, of which he has been a member seemingly forever.  He has been the Club’ Sergeant at Arms since  day one in 2004, a member of the International Services Committee and this year serves as Club Secretary. He now has agreed to lead us as President starting in July.
Here is the trivia bit.  All of us have individual numbers that identify us to Rotary International and to the Foundation.  Mine is seven digits long, I assume  showing that  there were  6,166,942 Rotarians or former Rotarians who got numbers before I did. In fact our Club is replete with members with seven digit numbers -  everybody except one. Yes, you guessed it  -  Doug has been a Rotarian for  so long that his number  has only six digits! A unique distinction.   Let us all salute Doug for his service and his long, long membership!

submitted by Ron Carter

Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club is pleased to announce our annual Swing for Rotary Golf Classic on June 16, 2017 at White Horse Golf Club.  Save the date.  And save a place in your community sponsorship budget. 

We are now seeking sponsors for our 2017 event, which will fall on the heels of the most successful tournament ever in it’s 10-year history.  This is the time of year annual budgets are pulled together.  Please set aside monies to help us stage this exciting event.   Last year we were able to help fund Food4Kids (donating nearly $10,000), providing meals for kids in need during weekends, vacations, and holidays when they are not in school.  Also, we were able to continue financial support for the Village Green Community Center, organize bi-monthly blood drives, and provide KHS scholarships. 

Special thanks to last year’s primary sponsors including The Point Casino, Liberty Bay Auto, CHI Franciscan Health, Les Schwab, and Windermere Real Estate. 

For more information, and to learn about how your company can get involved in this big community event, contact:  Breane Martinez at 360-286-5178 ( or Alice Amas at 425-949-9773 (



You may recall the item submitted earlier this year by Treasurer Gale Kirsopp, about Amazon Smile - where you can do your Amazon shopping AND make a contribution to our Rotary Foundation in the process!  In case you haven't signed up yet - PLEASE do.  Here is the link to set up your "Amazon Smile" account.  After that it's just a matter of going to "" to do your Amazon shopping and your contribution will be automatic.  There is NO extra cost to do this.  Amazon is sharing their profit with us! 
From Gale: 

Just a reminder for all Amazon shoppers – please use Amazon Smile.

For each purchase you make through Amazon.Smile – Amazon will donate .5% of eligible sales to Kingston NK Rotary.

It’s a fund raiser that does not require any of your time !



A NEW feature on our website is a link to our current Mission and Strategic Plan.  See it just below the "Rotary Month" item at top left.  We hope this helps our non-Rotarian friends understand us just a bit better...
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