submitted by Sally Christy - from Kitsap County DOT
Nine-month closure coming in April on West Kingston Road

(Port Orchard, WA) - NE West Kingston Road, between Siyaya Avenue NE and South Kingston Road NE, will close in April as a project to build a new bridge spanning Carpenter Creek gets underway.  The road is expected to reopen in December 2017. Local access to driveways within the work zone will be maintained throughout the project.

"It goes without saying that people will experience some inconvenience during the closure,” said Kitsap County Commissioner Rob Gelder. “We ask for everyone's patience. The end product will go a long way toward improving the local environment and amenities for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike. "

The new 150-foot, two-span bridge is part of an estuary restoration project under an agreement between the United States Navy and the Suquamish Tribe. Kitsap County has partnered with the Navy to fund the project.

The five-foot diameter culvert currently in place is identified as a partial barrier to fish migration. Replacing it with a new bridge is expected to help restore the natural tidal function, facilitating the reclamation of the historic salt marsh habitat. It will also improve the shoreline, upstream habitat and fish migration.

Kitsap County will look to Stillwaters Environmental Center’s Watershed Monitoring Program to help determine the extent of the improvement to the estuary’s health. Program staff, volunteers, and Western Washington University and University of Washington interns recently conducted a survey of the salt marsh to determine a baseline elevation and will do so again once the project is complete. Additionally, estuary water quality, vegetation, fish surveys, tidal inundation, and insect populations are routinely measured.

The bridge project also provides many safety benefits including wider travel lanes for motorists, new street lights, a five-foot sidewalk and five-foot bike lane built on the north side of the road and, on the south side, a six-foot paved shoulder is part of the project.

Kitsap County conducted an extensive traffic study as part of the project. The study suggests Lindvog Road NE as the most effective detour route during the nine-month road closure. In order to reduce delays, motorists can follow these simple tips: travel during off-peak hours, adjust travel routines, combine trips or carpool.

To learn more about the project and to sign up for electronic notification, go to or call Kitsap1 at 360.337.5777.