October is Rotary's "Economic and Community Development" Month

Rotary supports investments in people to create measurable and enduring economic improvement in their lives and communities.
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Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club

Welcome to our Club!

Kingston-North Kitsap

Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 12:00 PM
Kingston Village Green Community Center
26158 Dulay Rd
Kingston, WA  98346
United States
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North Kitsap Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief Rick Lagrandeur spoke to Kingston-North Kitsap Rotarians at their October 10 meeting.  The Chief explained the November 6 ballot measure, Proposition 1, which would increase NKFR’s revenue $1.6m annually 2019-2022.  If passed, Proposition 1 would replace a 1999 Capital bond measure, and a 2014 maintenance and operations levy.  NKFR’s Prop 1 materials state that it cannot continue to maintain current levels of service without the additional funds to pay for increasing operational costs and capital needs long deferred due to revenue limitations. 

Lagrandeur said the current district is the result of four districts combining in three mergers over the years.  Their motto is “Proud to serve in the protection of lives and property.”  There are four stations in the district, with a minimum of nine firemen on duty at all times.  All personnel are cross-trained in both fire and EMT.  Interesting statistics:  NKFR responded to 3052 calls in 2017.  Only three percent of those were for fires.  64% were for medical. Not stats were given on “cats in trees” calls.

A BIG thank you to these wonderful members from the Kiwanis and Kingston Rotary club who were able to volunteer their time to take down the beer tent in Kingston.

            At their October 3 weekly meeting, Kingston-North Kitsap Rotarians heard a presentation from Dr. Laurynn Evans, North Kitsap Schools Superintendent.  Evans, whose weekend passion is Puget Sound diving and underwater photography, talked about the renewed focus on learning in all eleven district schools, with the idea students get through school, to a place after high school. She advised that 58 new certified teachers joined the ranks this school year.  On arrival in July 2017, her challenge was the number 537.  That is how many kids left the district to get educations elsewhere because there was not enough variety in the programming at NK to meet the needs of all learners.  From that challenge resulted Choice Academy and STEM Academy which were created to find ways for students to achieve learning in ways more suited to their individual talents and abilities.  A guiding theme has been developed among the district’s educators:  Every student is known - students are known as people and students are known as learners. 

            Dr. Evans touched on a focus of the district this year, school safety.  She also spoke to the problem of having two relatively small high schools in the district, which limits its ability to offer expansive programming.  To counter that problem they are looking at the two buildings as one, resulting in a much larger universe - 1696 students - and opportunity to deliver more programs.  For example, a Kingston High student might identify as a Buccaneer, but attend a horticulture class at North Kitsap High. 

            Finally, Dr. Evans announced strategic plan community meetings next spring. She invited attendance and public ideas at those meetings. 


Take a Hike!  Lace up those sneakers!  Strap on the hiking boots!  Or simply slip on the flip-flops for a hike on the new Kitsap Olympic Ale Trail.  “Everyone with a thirst and a palate are welcome on the new trail,” said Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club President Breane Martinez.  The Club announced the Trail at it’s annual Swing for Rotary Golf Tournament June 22.

It’s purpose is to connect “hikers” with  50% off deals at seventeen establishments in Kitsap County and beyond.  “The goal is to have twenty-five partner establishments - breweries and restaurants - on the Trail by the end of September,” said Martinez.  “We’re doing this for multiple good causes including for our ‘hikers,’ our partners, and the community.”

Here’s how it works.  Go online to either the Apple Store or the Google Store and download the app called “Donor Trail.”  Then click on “Kitsap Olympic Ale Trail.” From there,  select a charity to which benefits should go, and then purchase a Trail Pass for $20.  The final step is to save money and enjoy.  “Hikers” have a full year to visit all Trail sites, and they can be on more than one Trail going at a time.  All the information is located at www.kitsapolympicaletrail.com.

Local partners include the likes of Downpour Brewing in Kingston, where “hikers” get one-time 50% off of two beers.  Next, they can hike down the Trail to Kingston’s Ale House and get one-time 50% off of two beers.  Now, next door to d’Vine Wines for 50% off of two beverages, beer or wine.  Next, across the block to Kingston’s West Side Pizza for 50% off of two beers.  By now, savings has exceeded the $20 Trail Pass cost, and there are as many as thirteen or more establishments left to reach on the Trail.  Oh, and the good news?  Half of the Trail Pass cost has gone to local charities, as designated by “hikers” when they sign up. 
The full list of partners includes CB’s Nuts - yes, they have beers at the nut store - Hood Canal Brewery; Bushel and Barrel Ciderhouse and Western Red Brewing in Poulsbo; the Point Casino; LoveCraft Brewing, Dog Days Brewing, Hale’s Ales Barrelhouse, and Silver City Brewery & Taproom in Bremerton; Cash Brewing Company in Silverdale, Slaughter County Brewery in Port Orchard, and Bainbridge Brewing on Bainbridge.
Hikers love Ale Trails. Sarah Hedges, Visit Kitsap Peninsula’s Event and Social Media Coordinator,  says, “My husband and I love these ale trails.  We’ve hiked them in B.C. and back east.  He gets most of the benefit because I’m the designated driver.”  To which, Martinez, the Rotary Club president, responded, “what a deal.”  What a deal, for sure.  Go to www.kitsapolympicaletrail.com.  Sign up now.  Do good in your community.  And do yourself some good. All thanks to the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club and Ale Trail  partner establishments.
The Kitsap Olympic Ale Trail is another example of Kingston North Kitsap Rotary’s leadership in the community.  The Club meets Wednesdays, 11:45 a.m., at Village Green Community Center in Kingston.  Visitors and guests are always welcome. 


At their September 12 meeting, Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians heard from one of their own.  Walt Elliott.  Elliott is a member of the Kingston Washington State Ferry Advisory Committee.  The State Department of Transportation recently released it’s long range (2040) draft plan for WSF.  It details how WSF intends to improve reliability, customer service, growth management, sustainability, and resilience across the fleet.  Elliott said the Kingston-Edmonds route operates at 116% profit, while the system as a whole is at 78%.  On that route the draft plan calls for three mid-sized boats.  The Ferry Advisory Committee suggests it is more cost effective to run two jumbos and one mid-size ferry.  The plan also calls for converting two of the jumbo’s four engines to rechargeable electric, with plug-ins at the Kingston dock.  The Ferry Advisory Committee suggests this is risky as it has not successfully been accomplished any place else in the world.  Their preference would be to design and build all-electric boats from the keel up.  Elliott also touched on a reservation system for Kingston-Edmonds that, in the plan, anticipates, Saturday-Sunday only reservations, which attacks only part of the waiting problem.  Residents wishing to comment may make their thoughts known at WSF’s open house, October 11, from 6-8 p.m. at Kingston’s Village Green Community Center.  The plan’s entirety may be viewed at: www.wsflongrangeplan.com. 

Breane Martinez, Club President
If ever there was a juggling act to behold, it is right here in Kingston, Washington, where master magician and local Rotary club president Breane Martinez practices.  Family.  Career.  Community.  Shuffle.  Career.  Family.  Community.  Shuffle.  She keeps all three plates spinning on their sticks, not losing a one to the concrete below. 
            Community: Breane became the Club’s president July 1, 2018, having been Rotarian for eight years.  Career: 15-year physical therapist.  Family: spouse of Owen; mother of Benett (7) and Jax (5).  Breane holds an undergraduate degree in Health and Sciences from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, and a Master’s in Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University in southern California.  During her Loma Linda internship, she practiced at Kitsap Physical Therapy in Kingston, where, eventually, she was hired full-time and has been helping people ever since.  Kitsap Physical Therapy is also where she met her husband-to-be, Owen, who was working out in the adjoining gym. She gets great career satisfaction working with patients,  seeing progress, knowing she is helping improve their quality of life.  That is a theme of her involvement in the community as well.  Helping improve it’s quality of life. 
            Breane grew up in a family that was service oriented.  At the age of two-weeks, her parents took her on a missionary trip to Mexico.  Not that she remembers the trip.  Her parents gave her the foundation, the modeling, for a life of service.  She tells the story of an experience when she was “eleven or twelve, my parents told me this year we are having no Christmas.  No presents.  No tree.  Instead, we’re going to Guatemala to help in an orphanage.  That was a turning-point trip.  Seeing those kids.  It made such an impact on me.” When asked about her motivation, she says, “I want to have a positive impact, to leave a small positive impact in my community.  I get daily satisfaction in helping people.” 
            Before becoming the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary’s President, she led, and continues to lead, the Club’s annual major fundraiser, the Swing for Rotary golf tournament.  Under her leadership, net proceeds have grown each year, setting another record in 2018 at $47k.  This with an active roster of barely 50 members.  She has also recently led the Club to establish the Kitsap-Olympic Ale Trail, where “hikers” buy a $20 pass to discount pours at more than 15 local breweries and eating establishments.  Half the proceeds go back into community organizations as designated by hikers when they sign up.  “The Trail” is patterned after one developed by Fort Collins, CO Foothills Rotary Club.  Info at:  kitsapolympicaletrail.com
            Martinez claims Rotary has helped her grow a lot. “I was so nervous when I chaired the first meeting of the golf committee.  But I found I enjoy leadership roles. Rotary means a lot to me.  I enjoy being part of something bigger than myself - the community,  the friendship, and the fellowship.  It motivates me to be better.  I’m inspired by Rotary.”

Past President Clint Boxman and President Breane Martinez of Kingston-NK Rotary

KINGSTON - Nine years ago, before Navy barracks had been cleared and dirt moved, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club pledged $100k to support a dream.  A vision.  A goal.  The vision, the dream, the goal was a new community center, senior center, library, and boys and girls club, under one roof in Kingston.  Two years ago that dream was realized, with the opening of Village Green Community Center.  Activity at the $9.1m Center has exceeded wildest dreams. 

Funding to build the Center was gathered from far and wide - federal, state, county, community leaders, citizens of all stripes, and people who cared.  One of the many fund-raising brainstorms was that of Nancy Martin, who suggested auctioning pies as a way to generate donations to build the Center.   August 16 marked the tenth such “Pie in the Park” auction.  Local residents bake and donate pies of all shapes and tastes.

At this year’s event, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club President, Breane Martinez, presented a $20k check to auctioneer Clint Boxman, fulfilling the Club’s $100k pledge of nine years ago. Total generated by the 2018 event was “around $47k,” according to Boxman.  27 pies produced happy faces and lighter wallets as some pies went for as much as $900. To date, more than 650 pies have been auctioned, generating more than $250k toward the Village Green dream. 

from Communications Chair Ron Carter
Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians witnessed, first-hand the difference they are making in the community at their July 18 weekly meeting.  A $15k check was presented by President Breane Martinez to Coffee Oasis Executive Director Dave Frederick and volunteer Jet Woelke to support the new Coffee Oasis in Kingston, slated to open October, 2018.  The funds were a direct result of “Raise the Paddle” at the recent Swing for Rotary golf tournament at White Horse.
Making a difference.  The core mission of Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club.  Weekly meetings take place Wednesday’s at 11:45 a.m. at Kingston’s Village Green Community Center.
Guests are welcome any time.  No invitation needed.  Come experience what we’re all about!
Our Club’s 2017-2018 donation to help construct a clean water system in the San Miguel Rincon village is making great progress, here is a quick update:
After many months of waiting, the municipality finally was ready to pay its share and Etta Projects was able to begin installation of the water project for San Miguel Rincon.  In May the plumbers entered the community to begin laying out the system.  Materials have been purchased; pipes, polytubes, meters and faucets, as well as accessories to connect the matrix network at the time of installation. The plumbers have begun installing distribution system and are approximately 2/3 complete.
Workshops with the communities are under way. Also the water committee has been elected and training for their role in management of this water system has started. Once the children return from a school break the hygiene education workshops will begin. The system should be completed by the second week of August and the whole project is anticipated to be done by the first of October 2018 with 50 families connected to clean water and all community, committees, and school training is complete.
Note:  The Etta Foundation is named in honor of an American Rotary Exchange student who lost her life in Bolivia as a passenger on a bus that tumbled off one of the world’s most dangerous roads.
Stay tuned!  We anticipate a final report on the project sometime in October.
from De' MacKinnon
Board meeting minutes are sent to all members in a bulk mailing.  Should you wish to review a set of minutes you may not have saved, follow these steps to find them online.
  1. Go to our website: Kingston-nkrotary.org
  2. Login.
  3. Next select “Member Area” from the top bar.
  4. Scroll down under “My Clubrunner” and select “View Club Documents”.
  5. Scroll down to the Board Minutes you wish to read.
  6. When done, be sure to log out.
You may recall the item submitted last year by Treasurer Gale Kirsopp, about Amazon Smile - where you can do your Amazon shopping AND make a contribution to our Rotary Foundation in the process!  In case you haven't signed up yet - PLEASE do.  Here is the link to set up your "Amazon Smile" account.  After that it's just a matter of going to "smile.amazon.com" to do your Amazon shopping and your contribution will be automatic.  There is NO extra cost to do this.  Amazon is sharing their profit with us! 
From Gale: 

Just a reminder for all Amazon shoppers – please use Amazon Smile. https://smile.amazon.com/ch/20-2960627

For each purchase you make through Amazon.Smile – Amazon will donate .5% of eligible sales to Kingston NK Rotary.

It’s a fund raiser that does not require any of your time !



A NEW feature on our website is a link to our current Mission and Strategic Plan.  See it just below the "Rotary Month" item at top left.  We hope this helps our non-Rotarian friends understand us just a bit better...
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