Posted by Ron Carter


Our District Governor visited Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club’s November 6 meeting.  Maureen Fritz-Roberts - ‘Mo’ - described how she and her husband, Dale, were vacationing in California years ago, when they had a conversation about what mattered most to them.  Rotary involvement was in their top five.  She asked, “how can a group known by only six letters be so large.”  She described a trip to Ethiopia to help with national immunization days, which led to a water project that meant women didn’t have to haul water, giving them time to borrow for businesses they started from a micro credit facility she and her Rotary Club spearheaded.  Roberts spoke about the joy it brings to help someone out.  Joy was the theme of her remarks about being a Rotarian.  She pitched the joy of donating to the Rotary Foundation by giving the equivalent of two Starbucks cups a week to reach a Paul Harris level ($1k) every year.  Or, to leave a gift to the Rotary Foundation in a will.  She reminded Rotarians of - and urged them to attend - the Rotary International convention next June in Hawaii, and the District conference and training next May in Victoria, B.C.  She challenged members to be relentless.  “If there is something you want to do or take on, make that what you do this year.”  Finally, she pinned a second Paul Harris award on Stan Mack, a Major Donor Level 2 and a Foundation Champion pin on Caleb Summerfelt. 


Mo presented a second Paul Harris to Stan Mack.

Mo presented a Major Donor Level 2 pin and a Foundation Champion pin to Caleb Summerfelt