submitted by Bill Maule, Foundation chair
A noteworthy glimpse of the Rotary Foundation at work:
As we enter the second week of Rotary Foundation month. it's a good time to ask ourselves what can the Foundation do for us, other than gratefully accept our contributions. This article demonstrates that funds move in both directions.  Even  global grants can benefit communities in the United States.  That is something to think about should a disaster strike our area.  In this case we celebrate reverse foreign aid. Clubs in South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Canada and the Cayman Islands contributed to a global grant that benefited a town in Arizona.
In June 2013, the Yarnell Hill Fire claimed the lives of 19 firefighters and destroyed over 100 homes; it also severely damaged the Yarnell Water Improvement Association’s system with an estimated cost for repair at $1.5 million.  And although the water services were never interrupted, keeping the system running manually was a financial and physical burden to the community.  In an effort to strengthen the ability of the community to develop, fund, and maintain a sustainable water and sanitation system, the Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Prescott-Sunup in District 5490 (Arizona) partnered with the Rotary Club of Weonju in District 3730 (South Korea) and the Alliance Service & Control Specialists in Phoenix to ensure that the town of Yarnell was able to recover from the devastating effects the fire had on their water distribution system.
With a Global Grant totaling over $89,000 dollars, Rotarians and community experts concluded that replacing part of the existing and damaged system with a SCADA control system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) would mean the best and most sustainable solution.  Contributions to the grant from clubs from Mexico, Germany, Canada, and the Cayman Islands show the extensive support the community of Yarnell received from Rotarians all over the world.  One year after the devastating fire, the Yarnell Water Improvement Association received the Global Grant funds from representatives of the Prescott-Sunup Rotary Club to put the Yarnell water system’s computer back online! 
*For more information on how the Rotarians from the Prescott-Sunup Club accomplished this great project, feel free to get in touch with them directly through their website here.