Fundraising for Coffee Oasis.

Diane Tandy (l) and Tony Fyrqvist (r)
At our Wednesday Club meeting, we were rewarded by a plentitude of speakers.  Our primary speakers were Diane Tandy and Tony Fyrqvist, who are in the process of forming a fundraising event to benefit the completion of the Kingston Coffee Oasis.  They reminded us of Coffee Oasis's primary mission to serve homeless and at-risk youth. Their mission statement describes it well – “Changing the World for Homeless Youth in One Community After Another.” Coffee Oasis facilities now exist in Bremerton, Port Orchard and Poulsbo. 


Soon a fourth center will open right here in Kingston in the old Community Center where our Club was “born”.  The cost of refurbishment of the property has escalated, including the fire-department-required installation of a sprinkler system. There is a need to raise another $170,000.  Rather than organizing a complex fund raising banquet and auction, Diane hopes for something simple to include a “Raise the Paddle” request such as those that have been surprisingly effective for other organizations.  The speakers asked if our Club could help organize this event that is tentatively scheduled for early March of 2019. Our club President, Breane, stated that she will discuss the proposition with the club's Board at its December meeting.  There will be a fringe benefit for our members when the new center opens.  There will be a new place to get a great cup coffee and snacks where we can meet some of the youth who are learning the ‘barista’ and cooking trades!

Up to Your Neck in Styrofoam?

Poulsbo Rotary's Lauri Cloutier
A highly energetic and enthusiastic member of the Poulsbo Rotary Club, Lauri Cloutier, spoke about the planned December 29 “STYRO-Roundup” to help keep those pesky styrofoam blocks and peanuts out of our landfills. This form of plastic cannot be recycled locally.  Surprisingly, Styrofoam can be processed into a very useful hard plastic, but only at specific locations.  The problem is that Styrofoam is uncompressible and thus an enormous mound of the stuff clutters our landfills.
Event information:
Save your holiday styrofoam packaging and bring it to our first Styrofoam Recycling Collection Event at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds Van Zee Building. Styrofoam will be accepted FREE of charge from county residents for recycling.
Saturday, December 29th, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.   

- Kitsap residents only, no commercial loads accepted.
- Items accepted include packing peanuts, styrofoam block
(remove tape or labels), styrofoam food packaging (clean and
unstained), styrofoam trays (seperate color from white).
- Styrofoam must be clean and dry.
- Sort material by type and color.
- Limit one car load per household
- No trailers or box trucks.

Items NOT Accepted include soft foam, hot tub covers, expanded polyethylene (EPE), sealed foam and foil lined polystyrene/insulation.

Click here for more details (pdf):  STYRO-Roundup

Wine Trail on Bainbridge.

Brooke Huffman
Finally, Brooke Huffman, the Executive Director of   the Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island, spoke about the possibility of adding a Wine Trail under DonorTrail.  There appears to be support among our members to round out our tipple trails and thus become the only organization with two “Trails”. Brooke is available to provide additional information at