The Kavet of northeastern Cambodia are among the larger Kavet/Brao language group (total 60,000) who populate two provinces of Cambodia, and the two southernmost provinces of the neighboring Lao PDR, with the population about evenly split between Laos and Cambodia.  The Kavet people are among the most disadvantaged in Cambodia. They live in scattered hamlets far from the government schools, and most have not had the opportunity to attend school.  The Kavet are pre-literate, i.e. their language has only recently been reduced to writing. They have no prior tradition of education- this is the first generation in the history of their peoples to learn to read and write in any language.

The Literacy Project will:

a)     Support community literacy classes for indigenous youth and adult learners in Kavet villages;

b)     Provide training to volunteer literacy teachers, to improve their skills in order to teach the classes;

c)     Strengthen and expand the use of the newly written Kavet language and produce Kavet materials  for teaching; and

d)     Provide bilingual learning and library materials to indigenous communities