The beginning of September signifies to me the transition from the easy going days of no schedule, sun, adventure, and relaxation (hanging out in the beer garden) to the return of a reality of school and work schedules.  With these schedules comes the refocusing on the rest of our Rotary year as well.

 As I think about the remainder of this Rotary year (through June) I am excited about everything on our horizon.  The Haunt is moving forward beautifully.  This will be a fun event with lots of opportunities for all different kinds of involvement.  I especially like how this event allows us to invite extended invitations to others to get involved - like Interact and the Kiwanis’s. 

Our other committees are in full gear as well.  Fredrick Branchflower has put together some sorely needs flyers and packets to help drive membership.  Gene Medina and the international committee are making great strides with our own international projects as well as the larger one done in conjunction with the Bainbridge and Poulsbo Rotary clubs.  Naomi Massberg and Scott Larson are kicking community services into action, tying up loose ends and getting the committee focused and on track. 

The energy is palpable. 

And, to have an excuse to have a large celebration this February couldn’t had come at a better time as we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for.

Thank you everyone for all your energy and for all you give to help in our clubs success!