At their October 3 weekly meeting, Kingston-North Kitsap Rotarians heard a presentation from Dr. Laurynn Evans, North Kitsap Schools Superintendent.  Evans, whose weekend passion is Puget Sound diving and underwater photography, talked about the renewed focus on learning in all eleven district schools, with the idea students get through school, to a place after high school. She advised that 58 new certified teachers joined the ranks this school year.  On arrival in July 2017, her challenge was the number 537.  That is how many kids left the district to get educations elsewhere because there was not enough variety in the programming at NK to meet the needs of all learners.  From that challenge resulted Choice Academy and STEM Academy which were created to find ways for students to achieve learning in ways more suited to their individual talents and abilities.  A guiding theme has been developed among the district’s educators:  Every student is known - students are known as people and students are known as learners. 

            Dr. Evans touched on a focus of the district this year, school safety.  She also spoke to the problem of having two relatively small high schools in the district, which limits its ability to offer expansive programming.  To counter that problem they are looking at the two buildings as one, resulting in a much larger universe - 1696 students - and opportunity to deliver more programs.  For example, a Kingston High student might identify as a Buccaneer, but attend a horticulture class at North Kitsap High. 

            Finally, Dr. Evans announced strategic plan community meetings next spring. She invited attendance and public ideas at those meetings.