At their September 12 meeting, Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians heard from one of their own.  Walt Elliott.  Elliott is a member of the Kingston Washington State Ferry Advisory Committee.  The State Department of Transportation recently released it’s long range (2040) draft plan for WSF.  It details how WSF intends to improve reliability, customer service, growth management, sustainability, and resilience across the fleet.  Elliott said the Kingston-Edmonds route operates at 116% profit, while the system as a whole is at 78%.  On that route the draft plan calls for three mid-sized boats.  The Ferry Advisory Committee suggests it is more cost effective to run two jumbos and one mid-size ferry.  The plan also calls for converting two of the jumbo’s four engines to rechargeable electric, with plug-ins at the Kingston dock.  The Ferry Advisory Committee suggests this is risky as it has not successfully been accomplished any place else in the world.  Their preference would be to design and build all-electric boats from the keel up.  Elliott also touched on a reservation system for Kingston-Edmonds that, in the plan, anticipates, Saturday-Sunday only reservations, which attacks only part of the waiting problem.  Residents wishing to comment may make their thoughts known at WSF’s open house, October 11, from 6-8 p.m. at Kingston’s Village Green Community Center.  The plan’s entirety may be viewed at: