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Jul 11, 2018
Prepared Neighborhoods for Catastrophic Events
Jul 18, 2018
Update on NK Schools Foundation
Jul 25, 2018
Combating Human Trafficking on the Southeastern Front!
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Our JULY 18th duty roster is:
Dan Martin & Christin Finn
Thought of the day: 
Bob Winkel
Next meeting - Greeters:
Nancy Martin & Michele Fujii
Thought of the day:   Stan Amas
We will meet on Wednesday July 18th
at the Village Green Community Center
at 12:00 Noon
our speaker will be Shannon Singleton with an update on the NK Schools Foundation
Don't miss the BEER & WINE Garden! 
Hey Kingston!
KNK Rotary continues it's Summer Fun with the BEER & WINE Garden EVERY SATURDAY through August, at the Party Tent at the Port of Kingston. Come on out for the free Saturday Night Concerts and have a great glass of beer or wine and help KNK Rotary raise money for all of our Service projects.  Be there, or be Square! 
Doing good in the world
from International Service Chair Bill Maule
Kingston Rotarians  work hard to raise money to support  our charitable projects.  Here in Kingston the results  can be seen and appreciated.  But for our overseas projects we just have to tell you about them. Side-By-Side helps level the playing field for  women and girls  seeking education and good jobs.
Today, Blessing nearly didn't come to school. No, its nothing serious this time. Its just that exams are over and teachers are preoccupied with grading. It seemed too much trouble to just go for the comradery of her classmates and a lunch she wouldn't get at home.
     But she's super glad that she did make the effort because today the Side by Side Ambassadors of Women's Health came to her school to do a presentation on Reproductive Health. Not only did she learn a great deal, as she leaned forward to soak it all in, but she was also given a wonderful Days for Girls reusable menstral hygiene kit.
    Who would have thought that over the course of just 3 years she would most likely spend about 180 days menstruating? Yikes! They calculated that in those 180 days a girl uses about 900 pads, Each pad costs around R2 (about 15 cents). That means in 3 years she could spend about R1,800 ($135). Gasp!
    Imagine throwing that kind of money away! Her mother only just makes that much in a whole month. (If she can get work.) No! Blessing is so grateful she was given her very own washable kit. She's definitely going to tell her mom and sisters about this so they can hopefully start saving to buy their own from the nice ladies who came to her school today.
    As wonderful as the lesson was, Blessing was relieved it was over in time to get in line for her school lunch.   Her new kit is tucked safely in her school bag. She walks arm in arm with her girlfriends, giggling and biting off mouthfuls from her crescent of cabbage. Cut like a wedge of cake, this piece of cabbage and these friends weren't the only reasons to celebrate coming to school today.
    Thank you for partnering with us to bless the "Blessings" in this country. It makes a tangible difference in her every-day life.

And it WAS fun!  
Thanks so much to all the Rotarians, Kingston Runners and Boosters who came out to help organize and manage another great FUN RUN on the 4th!  Like everything that KNK Rotary does - it was FUN!  
Thanks for another GREAT tournament! 

THANK YOU! Once again to all our great Sponsors, players, and supporters for helping make this year's edition of the KNK Rotary Classic another huge success!  And special thanks to our fabulous Golf Committee, who make it all happen every year.  Come back and join us for the next Swing for Rotary next June!


KNK Rotary Planning Exercise
from Communications Chair Ron Carter

At their June 13 weekly meeting Kingston Rotarians discussed the balance between fundraising and community service.  Most agreed a balance was necessary such that services can be provided the North Kitsap community. 

As furtherance of a “visioning” workshop in May, the question was asked, “Looking back at the Club’s accomplishments from the perspective of five years out - 2023 - what will have been accomplished?”  It was decided that service accomplishments will have happened in the following areas:  Kids of North Kitsap, the Kingston Coffee Oasis launch, and North Kitsap Emergency Preparedness programs.  The next step for incoming President Breane Martinez and her Board is to organize the Club’s efforts around these service opportunities, while continuing the Club’s highly successful fundraising events and activities. 

At the meeting, it was reported that yesterday’s Kingston Blood Drive, supported by the Club’s volunteers, collected 50 pints of whole blood and platelets from six donors.  Both results exceed normal collections. 



How to Access Board Minutes
from De' MacKinnon
Board meeting minutes are sent to all members in a bulk mailing.  Should you wish to review a set of minutes you may not have saved, follow these steps to find them online.
  1. Go to our website:
  2. Login.
  3. Next select “Member Area” from the top bar.
  4. Scroll down under “My Clubrunner” and select “View Club Documents”.
  5. Scroll down to the Board Minutes you wish to read.
  6. When done, be sure to log out.
Are YOU "Smiling" for Rotary?
You may recall the item submitted last year by Treasurer Gale Kirsopp, about Amazon Smile - where you can do your Amazon shopping AND make a contribution to our Rotary Foundation in the process!  In case you haven't signed up yet - PLEASE do.  Here is the link to set up your "Amazon Smile" account.  After that it's just a matter of going to "" to do your Amazon shopping and your contribution will be automatic.  There is NO extra cost to do this.  Amazon is sharing their profit with us! 
From Gale: 

Just a reminder for all Amazon shoppers – please use Amazon Smile.

For each purchase you make through Amazon.Smile – Amazon will donate .5% of eligible sales to Kingston NK Rotary.

It’s a fund raiser that does not require any of your time !